Monthly Archives: April 2010

Nugget of the Week: Headboard Central

The most exciting part of our week has been our first round of custom headboards booked during our sale a few weeks ago. This has been one of the most diverse groups of headboards we’ve made. From velvet to Marimekko, rectangular to round, smooth to diamond tufted, we’ve done it all this week. Here are »

Fabric: How to pick it and keep it looking great!

So, one of the most common questions I receive when talking with clients who come into Spruce is, “Now I have a blank (fill in with whatever human/animal you have that ruins your furniture), and how is this fabric gonna hold up to them?” Since this seems to be such a hot topic when investing »

Spruce Debuts Custom Lampshades!

We’ve been giddy all week about debuting our custom lampshades!  After a bit of research and then scouring the earth for supplies, we now have our first batch available for sale!  These can be found at our shop in Austin and in our online Etsy store. If you’ve been wanting a certain kind of lampshade, »

The History of Knoll

Since Spruce began, we’ve received many furniture pieces produced by Knoll International in need of a face lift. This past month, we’ve worked on a Grasshopper chair and a set of four Platner chairs. See photos of Letty’s Platner chairs below. (See the before and after of these chairs in Keegan’s next blog.) In 1938, »

Inspiration of the Week: Chicago

This weekend, my girlfriends from college and I took our first annual “Great Escape.” We got the idea from an amazing article in Real Simple. The rules of the Great Escape are as follows: Once a per person budget has been settled on, one friend will plan the entire trip without telling the location to »

My Inspiration of the Week/Month

It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated some time to my house projects. Between the holidays and then recovering from the holidays, I’ve had a hard time getting motivated to continue working on my personal furniture list. Pressing at the moment is my bergere chair and ottoman (for which I’ve had fabric for the last six »

Nugget of the Week

So, lately we have been cracking up about how many funny little things happen here ALL THE TIME. I often see Amanda brought to tears over some ridiculous incident that has happened that week. I use the word “nugget” to describe these little hilarities. For me, a nugget refers to a tiny morsel of perfection. »

Inspiration of the Week: Up!

I finally watched Pixar’s Up this past weekend and, of course, fell in love with it. Carl and Ellie are the cutest couple ever and they have great chairs.  I love how they get them when they set up their house together as newly-weds and they have them until the end. It reminds me of »

The History of Thonet

I have always loved wooden armchairs with smooth, curvy details. There is something about bentwood furniture that  is classic, clean and sculptural. So this week I thought I would touch on the work of Thonet, one of the most recognized chair designers in history. In my mind, what makes Michael Thonet (1796-1871) one of the »