Monthly Archives: January 2011

Meet The New “Sprucer”!

Let us introduce you to our new addition – master upholsterer and craftsman in our trade – Frank Barnhouse! What can I say? Frank can upholster circles around me. In this short week with Frank, I have learned that he has many years of craft under his belt, learning the trade in Germany at a »

Before and After: Spruce BYOC Chair Class

Hope everyone has had a great week so far. Things are hoppin’ around here! The shop was full of eager students this weekend in our second January “Bring Your Own Chair” class. We had an amazing time, and everyone ended up with a great statement piece! This class happened to have a lot of picture-back »

Upholstery Video Tip #1: Labeling Your Chairs

Get excited, because starting now Spruce is going to offer you the tricks of the trade! We will posting upholstery video tips from Spruce periodically, giving you the need-to-know info when it comes to redesigning your furniture. These tips will vary from furniture to fabric and tons more! With as many projects as we have »

Meet Herman Miller

My first interaction with Herman Miller was about two and a half years ago when Lizzie and I upholstered a pair of modular chairs we found at Room Service Vintage for our retail store. The tags were marked Herman Miller, and what began as 1980s blue office tweed turned into a pair of comfy and »

Inspiration: Modular Furniture

Good day everyone! We’ve got some fun projects underway – ottomans, sectional sofa, more stools! – that got me turning my attention to the wonderful world of modular furniture. For those of you who are space-challenged at home like me, you know that having stackable, lockable, moveable, changeable, versatile furniture can make your small space »

We’re back!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday break! We were busy bees right until the end finishing up everyone’s projects for their out of town guests and family. After a long weekend, we were right back to work and buzzing about our plans for 2011. 2010 was a great year for Spruce. We added »