Monthly Archives: August 2011

The Story of a Sofa….

Friends, I have a story for you. This story actually took quite some time to come to completion, but boy is it a happy ending! It all started with the creation of what the Sprucettes called, “The Red Fan Sofa.” It was a beauty and covered in a captivating Thomas Paul print, the perfect size »

August Upholstery Basics: Coil Springs!

This month’s Upholstery Basics article is up on Design*Sponge. Check out Part I of how to do a coil sprung seat by CLICKING HERE. Stay tuned for next month’s post on September 8th!

Fall Upholstery Classes Open!

I know many of you have been asking, so we have officially posted our Fall 2011 class schedule! If you’re looking for a fun-filled upholstery extravaganza, sign up for a Spruce workshop with Amanda and Clar and makeover a piece of your own. We have BYOC and bench classes available. Check out the schedule below »