Monthly Archives: September 2011

September Upholstery Basics is Live!

Constructing Coil Seats – Part II is officially up on Design*Sponge. Check out how to rejuvenate your tight seat HERE! ALSO, be sure to stay tuned tomorrow to Design*Sponge for registration and details for the Austin Design Sponge at Home book tour. That’s right, Grace is making a special stop in Austin, and it’ll be »

Here’s Johnny!

Okay.  So now that I have your attention, let’s talk about upholstery and design in movies.  As my passion and excitement for furniture is growing, I am finding it more of a challenge to watch a movie without getting distracted by a chair in the corner or a light fixture in the background.  Don’t make »

Orange you glad I didn’t say ombre?!

First, let me just tell you about my dysfunctional obsession with Pinterest. If you aren’t on it now, get your booty to the computer and sign up!! It will bring you hours of inspiration on anything and everything, fashion, furniture, recipes, fabric, and interior design to name a few. Embrace Pinterest and thank me later! »