Monthly Archives: February 2012

Look What I Found!

As my days of stripping (furniture) are coming to an end, I find myself reminiscing about all the oddities and treasures that I have come across in the past year.  Finding cool stuff was definitely my favorite part of stripping furniture.  Sure, most of the “stuff” I found in the nooks and crannies was junk »

Inspiration: Stephen Burks!

I am pickin’ up what Stephen Burks is layin’ down! Man oh man! As I peeled through the current Elle Decor, this wonderful designer’s look and work certainly caught my eye. I’ll add that I am quite late on being privy to his contributions- he has been making waves in industrial and hand-made design for »

Spruce Classes in Country Living!

[pe2-gallery class=”aligncenter” ] [/pe2-gallery] Happy President’s Day everyone! If you have the day off (lucky ducks) I hope you are out and about enjoying the day. I know many of you have been inquiring about the new class dates for this year. Have no fear, we are finalizing them this week! They will be up »

Headboards and Benches…Oh My!

We have been busy busy busy at the shop cranking out client and retail pieces, so our classes have been a welcome interruption.  During the past few weeks we have hosted a bench class and more recently a headboard class.  These two classes are pretty cool because you literally show up with nothing and leave »

Before And Afters: Crazy Custom Edition!

In this episode of “Before and Afters,” Spruce brings you some pointedly unique creations. We have had a slew of client-designed furniture that speak to the designer/clients’ personal vision and individuality. We applaud you! If you’re going to spend the money on a project, why not do it big and bold and fearless as these »

Sprucette Internship Available!

Our lovely intern Holli has sailed off into the sunset (miss you terribly little lady), which means that the Sprucettes need some help! We are looking for one, possibly two, ambitious individuals who are interested in gaining some practical experience in design. Here are the nuts and bolts for ya! Spruce’s internship is for 10-15 »

Check out the February Design*Sponge Post!

February’s Upholstery Basics column is up on Design*Sponge. Click HERE to learn how to transform your plain-Jane coffee table into an upholstered beauty! Take a look at these previous posts to learn tips and tricks for other upholstery projects: upholstery basics: boxed cushion sewing upholstery basics: picture perfect backs upholstery basics: leather bookshelf  

Fabric Pick O’ The Month!

We at Spruce are gonna try our ‘darndest’ each month to bring you, lovely readers, a new or hip or funky-fresh-fun fabric/fabric line to whet your tactile textile appetite! In this post I bring you Hable Construction! If you’re unfamiliar with this company get friendly by visiting their site (click the link above, please.) Hable »