Monthly Archives: May 2012

Fabric Finds: Kirk Nix from Robert Allen!

I think there are times when an “inspiration detox” is necessary. Clearing your head of all the ideas swirling around in there can be beneficial for figuring out what it is you really like. Memorial Day weekend was a good time for me to stop scurrying about wondering what the next project I am going »

Let’s Talk: Outdoor Fabrics!

As the days grow longer and the temperature climbs, we look to spend more hours in our out-of-doors living spaces, often feeling compelled to “Spruce” them up. In the last month we have had customers flocking to the shop with their exterior seating projects in preparation for the summer. Here is a short tour of »

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  Federal holidays…you gotta love them.  They usually sneak up on me so they are like little surprise vacations.  More than that, Memorial Day is a day where we can remember those who so bravely sacrificed their life for our country.  We are proud to say that our very own Mr. Frank Barnhouse served in »

May BYOC Class!

This last week we had the pleasure of six fantastic folks in our “Bring Your Own Chair” class this month. This class was extra special in that we had not one, but THREE men in the class! It is most often a bevy of gals in class, so it was a fun change of pace »

Tip: Seat Cushion Remedies!

There are a few quick things you can do to make your limp, dehydrated cushions fabulous once again! Consider the next few cushion-rejuvenating activities to perk up your loose chair or sofa cushions. 1) Did you know that foam becomes dehydrated over time? You can rehydrate your cushion by steaming the foam with a high-steam »

All things needlepoint!

You may have noticed a trend in the past 10 years.  It seems that anything your granny did is now becoming cool!  It started with the knitting craze, then crocheting, and now we are seeing needlepoint all over the place.  I am not one to be above trends.  In fact at the beginning of the »

Nugget of the Week: Canadian Tuxedo

Have you ever heard of a Canadian tuxedo?…No?  Well neither had I until Meredith enlightened me.  For those of you who are uninformed, a Canadian tuxedo is when one wears denim on denim or a “denim sandwich”.  Typically these are known as a fashion faux paus but Clar has been known to rock this ensemble »

Bring Your Own Chair Class!

It’s time for another installment of BYOC recap!  After a brief hiatus from classes, Clar and I were happy to welcome a new group of eager upholstery enthusiasts into our class room.  We had a variety of styles of chairs to work with and they all turned out beautifully.  Take a look at the before »