Monthly Archives: June 2012

Sweet Relief!

When I am not upholstering or sleeping, you will most likely finding me baking.  I have been told that there are five love languages: acts of service, gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation, and quality time but in my world there is a sixth…and that would be baking.  I don’t use Hallmark to say that »

Changes at Spruce!

Hello lovelies, hope you had a great weekend! I spent all yesterday afternoon packing for a trip (to the Grand Canyon!!) that I don’t leave for until Thursday. A bit overzealous :). In the last few weeks we have had some changes to the shop that are OH-SO-AMAZING! Amanda and I have been daydreaming about »

New Retail at Spruce!

Greetings, and Happy Summer Solstice to all! Yesterday will have been the longest day of the year and the official beginning of summer. Fittingly, the etymology of ‘solstice’ in its latin origin is sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still).  For eons many cultures have celebrated this marker for the fertile season with feast, fast, celebration, ritual, ceremony, and »

A lesson from our elders

  A few weeks ago our intern Gabrielle brought us a great treat: she found these cool and super old upholstery books.  As you would imagine we were all quite engrossed with it.  We geek-ed out as only true upholstery/furniture lovers could.  The first book, Essentials of Upholstery, was written by Herbert Blast in 1928.  »

Summer Sale at Spruce!

Happy Wednesday! It is blazing hot here in Austin, but still feels refreshing at this point. Come August I will be singing a different tune! Exciting changes happening here at the shop that we will fill you in on later. But for now, we have exciting news for you! As of today, we are having »

Nugget of the Week: Birthdays and Triathlons!

One of our Sprucettes had two big accomplishments this week! She turned a year older and completed one heck of a physical feat. This week was Katherine’s birthday, and the Sprucettes can’t resist a chance to celebrate! Katherine is definitely the master baker at the shop, so it’s fun when you get the opportunity to »

Inspiration: Eleanor Young

Ah yes!…another random internet find.  I stumbled upon the work of Eleanor Young and thought I would share her with the Spruce audience.  Eleanor Young is a Glasgow based textile designer that specializes in bold, geometric upholstery work.  Her design studio, fun makes good, offers custom upholstery services as well as retail pieces.  I admire »