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Inspiration of the Week: Monster Plants

Besides being inspired by furniture and fabrics, I also really love the outdoors and the idea of growing plants.  I say the “idea of growing plants” because, really, I have the black thumb of death instead of a green thumb.  My sister Emily was in Houston this past weekend and saw “Lois” the Corpse Flower »

Inspiration of the Week: Jewel Tones

Color is one of the most talked about topics at Spruce. Deciding which colors look best on a certain piece of furniture, which combinations jive, which colors represent a certain style best, and the list goes on and on. When we make our own Spruce furniture, we are constantly trying to decide what colors we »

Inspiration of the Week: Rugs

One thing I love about my current house is the wooden floors. They add warmth to a space yet are incredibly practical (especially with 2 cats, 1 dog, and an outdoorsy husband). However, one of the things I love the most is the need for area rugs on hardwoods. Amazingly, I have yet to commit »

Inspiration of the Week: Get out of Town!

I am dying to take a summer trip!  My hubby and I have been talking about taking a road trip somewhere.  As the summer days fly by, our aspirations have gotten less and less grand.  It started as a road trip to the Grand Canyon (I’ve never been) and has become, “hmm….maybe we can squeeze »

Inspiration of the Week: Lonny Magazine

So, something that has inspired me for a few months is truly a God-send. Since the death of Domino (I know, depression), there has been a void that has yet to be filled. The voice and aesthetic that Domino had as a magazine was pretty genius. It really made design accessible and something you could »

Inspiration of the Week: Sex and the City 2

As you already know, the Sprucettes attended a viewing of Sex and the City 2 last week. Afterwards, we were gushing over the interiors, furniture and fabrics used. In the first movie, Carrie’s apartment underwent a major renovation. In the sequel, her apartment with Big was even more striking. So, since we all left eager »

Inspiration of the Week: It’s Summer time!!

First off, happy Memorial Day!  A great big “thank you” from Spruce goes out to all the soldiers and their families!  I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend, hanging with friends and family, eating BBQ, and kicking it in the shade to beat the 90-plus degree heat! Memorial Day, for many people,  marks the »

Monday News & Inspiration

If you’re looking for a bargain and have Spruce in mind, tomorrow (Tuesday,  May 4th) is your big day!  The gals about town from Austin Tidbits and Spruce have teamed up and offer you a Tidbits Treat!  This works much like the popular “Groupon” where you’ll get a great product at a substantial discount.  Since »

Inspiration of the Week: Chicago

This weekend, my girlfriends from college and I took our first annual “Great Escape.” We got the idea from an amazing article in Real Simple. The rules of the Great Escape are as follows: Once a per person budget has been settled on, one friend will plan the entire trip without telling the location to »

My Inspiration of the Week/Month

It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated some time to my house projects. Between the holidays and then recovering from the holidays, I’ve had a hard time getting motivated to continue working on my personal furniture list. Pressing at the moment is my bergere chair and ottoman (for which I’ve had fabric for the last six »

Inspiration of the Week: Up!

I finally watched Pixar’s Up this past weekend and, of course, fell in love with it. Carl and Ellie are the cutest couple ever and they have great chairs.  I love how they get them when they set up their house together as newly-weds and they have them until the end. It reminds me of »

Inspiration of the Week

Last week, we found fabric for our new retail items coming soon. Here’s a sneak peek of the new collection and the inspiration I found from them. Vintage Tropical Fabric   Vintage tropical fabric Vintage bird glassware   Vintage arched fabric     Vintage Laura Ashely arched fabric Pyrex bowl and fluffy kitty Austin 360 »

Inspiration of the week: Olympics!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a major sucker for the Olympics and world wide sporting events.  This year is fantastic considering we have the Vancouver Winter Olympics AND World Cup Soccer.  Living in Texas my whole life, I know very little about the icy Winter Olympic sports.  In fact, I didn’t even »

Instpiration of the Week: New Orleans!!!

One of the most beautiful cities I have been lucky enough to visit in the U.S. is definitely New Orleans. It seems only fitting to make this great city the inspiration of the week considering the Saints won the Superbowl and Mardi Gras is next week.  Who dat! Before I had my first trip to »

Inspiration Blog…All Things Asian

I find the further I get into decorating my house, the more I am influenced by Asian decorative arts. In the January 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Magazine, the Yin Yu Tang house was featured. This building’s architectural details are what inspire me to bring all things Asian into my home. January 2010 Martha Stewart »

Inspiration of the week

Over the past few weeks I have been working on broadening my horizons in the creative world. Besides leaving a desk job for trade work in upholstery, I am making a vow to seek out more art in Austin and expose myself to others’ creative self expression on a more consistent basis. This was overwhelmingly »

Inspiration of the Week

Every Monday, we will take turns posting our favorite photos, ideas, sketches, etc. of the week. So to start things off, I decided to pull some of my favorite magazine clippings from the current House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and Martha Stewart magazines. Yay holiday decorating! I am so stacking my finger sandwiches in the shape »