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Before and Afters: Back to School 2014 Edition

Why is this year going so fast??? Stop it!!! After a long summer, it’s time again to send the kiddos off to class and for parents to get back to those around-the-house projects. You know who you are! Moms and Dads of Austin and surrounding areas — it’s time you all do the same! Students, »

Spring Before and Afters at Spruce!

Hello, hello! We’d love to show you some neat pieces that we’ve completed of late! Want to see? Scroll away! We recently worked with a favorite Austin designer on her client’s project. The frame was requested to be stripped, painted, and some clever additions and subtractions were made to the sofa! See it below in its »

Tiny Chair Transformation

When I became an upholsterer, my family thought that they had hit the jackpot. But they soon realized their vision of having their own personal upholsterer was just a pipe dream. After three years at Spruce, I have finally completed an upholstery project for a loved one. I found this adorable vintage rocker at Vintage Tobacco »

Inspired Before and Afters!

Christmas is near! Christmas is here! We’re almost there everyone! One of my favorite things in (blog) life are our “before and after” posts. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a round of makeovers from Spruce, no? In the spirit of unwrapping all your favorite gifts on Christmas, unwrap these lovelies with your eyes »

Before and Afters

Awww, before and afters…who doesn’t love instant gratification? One of the perks of my job is completing and sharing some of our satisfying before and after shots. I’m so happy to be in the business of turning struggling furniture into upholstery eye candy. Allow me to treat you with some of our recent transformations we »

Before and Afters: Rich Solids!

Hello all upholstery fans! We know you’re itchin’ for your next fix, so please enjoy this visual list of marvelous before-and-afters, and a couple of custom-made fabrications for our inspired clients. We can do this for you too…just sayin’! There is a common thread to these re-dos. Of late, our clients have consecutively chosen vibrant »

Before and After Treats

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New Furniture at Spruce!

As a Valentine’s gift to ourselves we have created a few new things and picked up some exciting vintage pieces to add to the Spruce collection. When Amanda and I took our trip to Round Top this year, we found a bevy of treats. Some stayed there (for good reason) and some made it home with »

Before and After!

We are happy to say that things have been in full swing at the shop.  We’ve turned out some great pieces of furniture for our clients and even carved out a little time to add some new retail to the shop.  One of the best parts of my job is getting to see all of »

A Chair Affair!

We’ve done it again!  Another successful chair class for the books.  We had a very colorful crew of five ladies who kept Clar and I very entertained.  The transformations were grand…we made these sad chairs turn their frowns upside down.  Take a gander… [pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] [/pe2-gallery] Robin is no stranger to Spruce classes.  We »

Fall Fresh Before and Afters!

Hello friends! The temperature is (sloooowly) dropping here in Austin, and we’re looking forward to wearing sweaters and sipping warm drinks, imagining a fireside night in one of these newly reupholstered puppies below! Ahhh! We present to you a collection of before and afters that are ready for the fall season. Enjoy! We love the »

Before and Afters!

Other than getting to hang out with my super cool co-workers everyday, seeing the before and after shots of our work is my favorite part of the job.  It’s like the Jenny Jone/Ricki Lake makeover shows only its furniture…and it’s not televised.  Taking furniture that wouldn’t have been looked at twice and making it a »

Before and Afters!

I bring to you another round of stunning, amazing, fresh before and afters! Our first makeover had awesome and singular bones to start with. A pair of Mid-Century/Danish wing chairs with some awesome shapes were dated with an 80s floral woven fabric throughout. See below: And look at them now! Updated and referential to their »

Before and Afters!

We hope you never tire of another installment of Before and After – that’s why we’re here! Satisfy your urge to see a piece of furniture, like a lowly caterpillar beautifully and miraculously and physically change into a stunning and vibrant monarch butterfly. Witness the revelations…! Above is one that we all fell in love »

Before And Afters: Crazy Custom Edition!

In this episode of “Before and Afters,” Spruce brings you some pointedly unique creations. We have had a slew of client-designed furniture that speak to the designer/clients’ personal vision and individuality. We applaud you! If you’re going to spend the money on a project, why not do it big and bold and fearless as these »

Class is back in session!

Now that the madness from the holidays has subsided, Clar and I are ready to get back to teaching classes!  We have a variety of courses that are sure to excite you.   Back by popular demand we will be hosting a  BYOC (bring your own chair) class, bench class, headboard class, and a lampshade class.   »

Before and Afters!

Happy Holidays one and all! We have not been holding out our spectacular makeovers from you on purpose, we’ve just been BIZ-ZAY! We know you have been too! It’s long overdue for us to share with you another round of successful makeovers – they happen daily! Check out some of our recent favorites below… First »

Fall Class Transformations!

    We have had such a busy few months so please forgive me for the late posting…but better late than never.  They came, they created, they conquered…and they had fun while doing so.  These classes are so much fun because the gratification is pretty much instant.  Goodwill worthy chairs become unique treasures in the »

Recent Before and Afters! (Go Big AND Go Home!)

Hey hey hey!  Loading your eyeballs now with some recent ‘before-and-afters’ of awesome proportions. We’re endlessly impressed and sometimes surprised, frankly, about some of our clients’ bold decisions and adventurous design attitudes. Take a look at some of these babies – get inspired! The client chose a lovely cut velvet on neutral woven ground, a very »

Newly Spruced Before and Afters!

Hope everyone is having a great week! We are busy busy around here making sure we get all our work done so we can party like it’s 1999 on Friday. And if you don’t remember….it’s our Anniversary Party wahoo!! Over the last few weeks we have been working on some great customer furniture AND new »

The Story of a Sofa….

Friends, I have a story for you. This story actually took quite some time to come to completion, but boy is it a happy ending! It all started with the creation of what the Sprucettes called, “The Red Fan Sofa.” It was a beauty and covered in a captivating Thomas Paul print, the perfect size »

Before and After: Spruce’s May BYOC Class!

We recently hosted our very first “Bring Your Own Chair” class in the new space, and it was a huge success! We think the extra room to move around and work really makes a big difference for our students. We had all types of chairs this round, which is fun for everyone to learn and »

More Befores and Better Afters!

We are pleased to share some more before and afters with you! One in particular (last in post) is a humdinger. If any of you remember that crazy television show “The Swan”, it was much the same for this sofa and chair. Just you wait… [pe2-gallery] [/pe2-gallery] Pictured above is a classic chair that was »

Spruce’s Latest Before and Afters!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! We had a Sprucette BBQ that was loads of fun, and I am sure you will see photos from those shenanigans later. It has been a while since we shared before and after projects, and there are tons and tons to show you. We have had some »

Before and After: Classes!

We have officially posted our Summer 2011 class schedule. If you’re looking for a fun-filled upholstery extravaganza, sign up for a Spruce workshop with Amanda and Clar and makeover a piece of your own. We have BYOC and bench classes available. Check out the schedule below or click HERE to register for class! BYOC (Bring »

Before and After: Spruce BYOC Chair Class

Hope everyone has had a great week so far. Things are hoppin’ around here! The shop was full of eager students this weekend in our second January “Bring Your Own Chair” class. We had an amazing time, and everyone ended up with a great statement piece! This class happened to have a lot of picture-back »

Before and After: November BYOC Class!

Hope everyone is having a great week! I wanted to do a little bragging today on the students from this weekend’s class. We had a special Mod Green Pod BYOC Class that focused on green upholstery and also included the use of MGP’s new custom fabric! Each student was able to customize the MGP prints »

Before and Afters: September Class

This past weekend kicked off the Fall 2010 Bring Your Own Chair Classes. We had a full workshop with six lovely ladies who share our love for getting your hands dirty. One of the students even came all the way from Louisiana to take the class. Here are the before and afters of their chairs. »

Spruce’s Latest Before and Afters!

I’m a sucker for a makeover sequence in movies and TV, and in my favorite design magazines.  Enjoy some of our latest and greatest before and afters coming from the workroom! This  little sofa became a knockout in Skinny LaMinx’s Duikers print. The client made a bold move with this clever and sweet print from »

Before and After: Amanda’s Back Porch!

The “Before and After” feature is stepping out of the studio and taking a trip to Amanda’s house to see the late summer transformation happening under the eaves.  Amanda, as long as I have known her, has always had nice plants around the house and her husband, Keith, is a master arborist, so you can »

Before and Afters

With so much going on around the shop (like a new bus in the works, the 4th of July holiday, and general day-to-day busyness) it’s been a little while since we’ve posted some before and after photos of what we’ve been reinventing in the workshop.  Here are some before and after shots of some recent »

Before and Afters: Recent and from the Vault

Quite possibly, the most satisfying aspect of our job is the transformation we see happen to each different piece of furniture every week.  Sometimes we may lose sight of the scope of the transformation as we pass it through our assembly line.  First the piece is stripped down to the frame by one person, then »

Nugget of the Week: Dripping Springs

As many of you know, the Sprucettes have been on-site in Dripping Springs since last Wednesday working on a mega residential seating project. Click here to see last week’s post. Well, it’s complete and ready for its close-up. Here’s a recap of our six days of work. We’re worn out and ready for the weekend. »

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

We are pleased to share that the chair dearest to our heart has found a lovely home. The chair that put Spruce on the map has left the building. It is none other than the Constellation Chair. The question, “Can we really do that?!” was said many a time in the early discussions of construction »