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Our 5th Annivarsary Party In Pictures

Thank you friends, family, loved ones, clients, Austin, and all of those who visited with us last Friday evening! You made it a warm and blissful 5th Annivarsary party. Below is 2/3 of the Spruce crew…Frank left early with his brood and evaded the papparazzi. (Katherine made the fringy festoons from our scrap fabric and »

Fabric Finds: Larry Laslo for Robert Allen!

Wheeee! What exciting new patterns and textures we just received from Larry Laslo via Robert Allen! Larry Laslo (an interior designer, product designer, regular guest fabric designer for Robert Allen) has contributed yet another collection of unique, singular, and totally original textiles for the aforementioned manufacturer. I can’t get enough of his fabric! We have »

Back to School and New Retail At Spruce!

Hope all is well with everyone and that you’re getting back into some school spirit. We certainly are! This year the return-to-school season puts me in such a nostalgic and playful mood, which seems to be the feeling overriding at Spruce. I recently joined Meredith and her roomies for some killer kid-like fun at Jumpoline, »

40 years of Upholstery!

Have you ever wondered what 40 years of upholstery looks like?  Well now you know.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the gentleman above, allow me to introduce you to Frank Barnhouse.  Yesterday, (August 15th) Frank celebrated his 40th anniversary as an upholsterer.  FORTY YEARS!  That is incredible!  Frank has been particularly special »

Around Town: Sprucette Favorite Restaurant Experiences

Wow. Can you believe it’s June? Nor can I. Summer is in full swing here in Austin. This Monday’s high was a  feverish 103 degrees Fahrenheit (gasp!). I have sympathy for my land-locked, water-featureless Dallas and Houston friends and family that don’t have Austin’s superabundance of natural swimming holes and public pools. For those of »