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Designer Spotlight Series: Katie Kime

At Spruce, we’re fortunate to work with a number of talented interior designers who create beautiful spaces. We want to celebrate our favorite Austin designers by re-launching our Designer Spotlight column, a series that highlights some of their work and creations.Today we turn the spotlight on Katie Kime, a prolific and well-traveled lady who came to Austin via »

Nugget of the Week: Sources of Inspiration from the Sprucettes

One of my favorite things about working at Spruce is having the opportunity to work with people who bring a different set of skills, interests and creative ideas to the table. Each of us Sprucettes frequently informs each other about our favorite designers, artists and makers, food, boutiques and blogs we’re obsessing over. Together, we »

DIY Honeycomb Fabric Ornaments

Hello readers! I am so excited to be back in Austin. Amanda and I had so much fun on the Spruce book tour, but I was really eager to be home so that I could get into holiday mode.  I have a really fun afternoon project for you! I found this adorable DIY ornament project »

Inspiration of the Week: Confetti

Confetti…symbolic of fun, happiness, and celebration.  Inspiration is everywhere, but leave it to me to find it in a slice of Funfetti birthday cake.  I am usually a stickler for making things from scratch, but “if it ain’t broke…”  It is undeniable that this cake is yummy, but if you think about it, it really »

Inspiration: Psychedelic Patterns

It seems that we’re hitting a fever pitch of 1960s-inspired style all across the board these days! Music has been slowly and surely picking out some good old DIY, garage-rock,  and experimental sounds since its original ’60s inception. Pointedly, the last few years have seen the growing popularity of Psych Rock. Austin even has dedicated »

Inspiration: Nathalie Du Pasquier

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Postcard from Miami: Art Basel at the Beach, MiMo, Deco, and PoMo Galore!

Hi everyone! I’m fresh from the beach, enduring the onset of an actual winter here in Austin. My skin is dry, the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the temperature is hovering at a cool 55 – 70 degrees Farenheit. Brrrr! Well, if you had just been in lovely Miami like me, you’d understand »

Inspiration: Geode-rific!

Crystals, gems, and geodes…Oh my!  A few days ago, I stumbled across this really beautiful magnet set in the above photo from  Since this discovery, I have gone off the deep end with non-stop Etsy searches and visits to crystal stores here in Austin.  My goal was to find an assortment of colorful geodes »

Inspiration of the Week: Horses!

(Little Miss Sassy, a new member of the family) This weekend I spent some time with my dad out at a ranch that keeps and cares for cutting horses. If you aren’t familiar with a cutting horse, these are the kind that “cut” cattle away from the herd for various reasons like branding or giving shots. Cows like »

Knitty Gritty Upholstery!

The couple of cool front teases that we have experienced recently have really gotten me amped up for fall/winter.  Although we are not quite in the midst of sweater weather, I have already begun to swap out my summer tanks for cozy knits.  I have even started knitting a scarf in anticipation!  Since furniture is »

Inspiration of the Week: Pendleton!

Texans tend to be a bit dramatic when it comes to change in weather. I for one will admittedly overreact when the weather changes even the slightest. This weekend, Austin experienced its first mornings that were pleasant, dare I say cool! About this time of year, we are all begging for the heat to leave »

Inspiration of the Week: Sister Corita!

Screenprinting is awfully popular these days. There is a poster or print for just about everything. It’s used when manufacturing fabric as well, and I for one am a fan! I have to have restraint on occasion, as it is a great way to have art in your home at a fraction of the cost. Recently »

From Farm to Furniture!

August is one of my favorite months out of the year to be home.  Since I’ve been a bit too busy to make the 6 hour drive back to Louisiana, I will just use the Spruce audience (you guys) to rant about why August is special to me.  As you may or may not know, »

Inspiration of the Week: Black and White

You love it, don’t deny it. It’s a mime’s bread and butter and it makes a heck of a design choice. Black and White. It’s as classic as you can get. By definition something that is “classic” is something that never goes out of style, and a black and white combo is just that. My »


Okay, things are about to get weird.  A while back I got sucked into a reality show on the History Channel that followed the life of a taxidermy shop in Alaska.  I was instantly entranced.  I had never really given any thought about what might go into mounting an animal.  It is quite amazing how »

Inspiration: Toshiyuki Kita’s “WINK” Chair!

The “WINK” Chair is the new Eames Lounge! Let’s talk about it: Toshiyuki Kita and his “WINK”chair. Here is the man below and his chair following, in all their glory. I have been on a pointed 70s-80s post-modern design kick for some time and have lately been collecting those decade’s interiors and architecture books with »

Inspiration: Eleanor Young

Ah yes!…another random internet find.  I stumbled upon the work of Eleanor Young and thought I would share her with the Spruce audience.  Eleanor Young is a Glasgow based textile designer that specializes in bold, geometric upholstery work.  Her design studio, fun makes good, offers custom upholstery services as well as retail pieces.  I admire »

Inspiration of the Week: Leather!

My own style is a bit of a moving target, but the one thing that continues to ring true for me is to MIX IT UP! Whether I am telling myself to mix it up in life (train for a sprint triathlon when I really haven’t exercised in eons, okay!) or with my own home, »

Inspiration of the Week: Touch of Gold

In the last five years, gold has come back with a vengeance! You couldn’t pay me to have gold jewelry as a kid, so it’s always comical when your taste does a 180. Now, I can’t get enough of it. It is a perfect addition to any space. Gold has the unique distinction these days »

Inspiration: Stephen Burks!

I am pickin’ up what Stephen Burks is layin’ down! Man oh man! As I peeled through the current Elle Decor, this wonderful designer’s look and work certainly caught my eye. I’ll add that I am quite late on being privy to his contributions- he has been making waves in industrial and hand-made design for »

Inspiration: Ruché by Inga Sempé

I recently revisited an Elle Decor magazine from many months ago, and as I was flipping through, my eye caught this little beauty.   It was so simple….yet so complicated and intricate.  The design is by Inga Sempé, a French designer from Paris.  She began her design career with intentions of designing casters and screws, hence »

Orange you glad I didn’t say ombre?!

First, let me just tell you about my dysfunctional obsession with Pinterest. If you aren’t on it now, get your booty to the computer and sign up!! It will bring you hours of inspiration on anything and everything, fashion, furniture, recipes, fabric, and interior design to name a few. Embrace Pinterest and thank me later! »

Industrial Strength Style

Working at Spruce has really provoked me to start questioning what exactly is my style of design.  I have never been able to put a defining label on my aesthetic or declare a favorite era.  Lately, I’ve been flipping through design books on my lunch break, and as I drool over the astounding rooms, I »

Inspiration: Shell Art!

Summer is here, and if you are lucky, that means beach time!  Thankfully, I was one of the lucky ones.  I just returned home from a lovely vacation with my family from Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We have gone there ever since I can remember.  As a kid, one of my favorite things to do while »

Inspiration: NEON!!!

A summer stream of consciousness for you…. Sweltering humid heat, long days, late nights, neon lights through mini-blinds, oscillating fan doing its best to offer relief.  White sands, surf, bikinis, blue-green water, waves, floats, lazy rivers, sunburns,’ Zinc’. Do you remember ‘Zinc’? Lightning bugs, vacations, cool shades, umbrellas, aguas sabores…Ah! I know that the heat »

Inspiration of the Week: Spruce’s New Space and Break Room Ideas!

Our first musical number from the balcony in our…. NEW SPACE!! [pe2-gallery] [/pe2-gallery] Surprise! Spruce is moving, but don’t worry, we’re going right next door. A few months ago when Rick’s Auto Repair moved out, we were drooling over the possibilities of 6611. For a while, we’ve been feeling the growing pains at our current »

Inspiration: Wild Weaves!

I’ve been trying to scratch this itch for some time now – probably for the better part of seven years! Let me explain that I spent my last leg of school studying textiles, traveling, and freaking out on fashion. Just below I have posted some recent images that are speaking my language. Specifically Thakoon »

Inspiration of the Week: Design Books!

Lately, I have been wanting to start expanding my book collection. Now I do have quite a few books, but those specifically dedicated to design are pretty thin. I often drool over new ones that are published and never end up pulling the trigger on the purchase. So these are a few of the books »

Inspiration: Modular Furniture

Good day everyone! We’ve got some fun projects underway – ottomans, sectional sofa, more stools! – that got me turning my attention to the wonderful world of modular furniture. For those of you who are space-challenged at home like me, you know that having stackable, lockable, moveable, changeable, versatile furniture can make your small space »

Inspiration of the Week: Au Naturel

Hope everyone has had a great start to the week! Last minute Friday afternoon I got a wild hair and took a trip down to the see some old friends who were out at the camp I attended for eight summers as a child. Imagine the Parent Trap (all girls, swim caps, no jet skis), »

Inspiration of the Week: Clean House!

I think when the spring time comes I’m so eager to get outside and play in the sun that I skip spring cleaning.  Every year, when the first hint of fall comes, that’s when I become ready for a major clean out.  I get the house ready for spending more time indoors as the sun »

Inspiration of the Week: Farewell to Summer

Austin in the summertime is hopping with things to do. By the time August rolls around, I am hopeful that it is indoors; that’s for sure. The heat in August baffles me every time! You would think after decades of living in Texas I would get used to it. Not only is August sizzling, but »

Inspiration of the Week: Beat the Heat!

For those of you who live in the Austin area, you are all too familiar with the mid-summer blues that creep up once the triple digits arrive. The Sprucettes are sweating it out for the third annual summer in the back workshop. Even Pixie is doing her best to stay cool with a new haircut »

Inspiration of the Week: Country Music

Occasionally, you can walk into the back workshop at Spruce and find us kickin’ up our boots to some classic country. KVET tends to be our station of choice. There’s nothing like an upbeat country song to liven up the day. I don’t know about you, but I was a serious “kicker” in middle school. »