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Fabric Trends For 2015

You know the saying: what goes around comes around.  In the interior design world, trends come and go, but every time the pendulum swings back, the look is a little different. When it comes to fabrics for interiors, a lot of designers base their choices on looks they see from the runway, so the trends »

Class Update + Discount!

It’s been incredible to think that I’ve seen a full year of classes go through the shop! We’ve met dozens of amazing people and have shared a lot of home-baked goods prepared by our resident baker, Katherine. All along the way we’ve photographed their work to upload to Facebook. Now students can download photos from class »

Bench Auction to Support AIDS Services of Austin

We’re excited to participate in a special collaboration that’s kicking off a Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) event – Urban Picnic by Design (featuring picnic table set ups by 20 talented local designers) – held on September 11. Take a look at The Frank Bench! We’re auctioning this one-of-a-kind bench on our website, and all of the proceeds »

Wallpaper is Always In Season at Spruce

Most people know Spruce carries a beautiful variety of fabric choices, but many don’t know we also sell wallpaper! Oftentimes, the perfect accompaniment to your furniture is a well-placed wallcovering. Let me highlight some popular selections Spruce carries. A common misconception about wallpaper is that it’s old fashioned, dated and difficult to maintain. But several »

Business Profile: Good Candle

We’re now carrying Good Candle exclusively in Austin. We love the candles’ simple look and sophisticated fragrances, which include Basil, Fig and Lavender. The business is a soy candle operation Jonathan Kroeger started out of his Brooklyn apartment in 2012. Johnathan makes the candles in a studio place in his apartment and a garage space in Crown Heights »

Nugget of the Week: Sources of Inspiration from the Sprucettes

One of my favorite things about working at Spruce is having the opportunity to work with people who bring a different set of skills, interests and creative ideas to the table. Each of us Sprucettes frequently informs each other about our favorite designers, artists and makers, food, boutiques and blogs we’re obsessing over. Together, we »

Spruce’s Best of 2013

It would be an understatement to say 2013 has been an unforgettable year for us. We flew to several beautiful places, began some new creative collaborations, welcomed two new Sprucettes to the team, and we celebrated the release of Amanda’s first book – just to name a few highlights. We thought it would be fun »

Spruce’s Top 10 of 2013

There’s nothing better than starting 2014 with some beautiful, custom upholstery. That’s why we love to celebrate our favorite pieces of the year. Our Top 10 of 2013 (above) includes a healthy mix of client pieces and in-house designs, such as Amanda’s Geometric Upholstered Door featured on HGTV’s Design  Happens blog and adorable Circus Tent Kennel »

Local Business Snapshot: GirlsGuild (For Girls, By Girls)

Finding ways to be creative is a constant endeavor for professionals who create for a living. Where can you gather and go to be inspired? Austin’s GirlsGuild is filling that niche. Co-founders Diana Griffin and Cheyenne Weaver are creating a space that encourages learning and expanding creativity for girls in a new and exciting way. »

Holiday Gift Ideas From the Sprucettes!

The Sprucettes love the holidays! Every winter we decorate the shop with festive ornaments, enjoy Katherine’s delicious baked goods (mmm, pumpkin bread!), and start shopping for the gifts we’re going to get our loved ones. This year we put our heads together and gathered a list of some products we think our family and friends »

Local Business Snapshot: Mockingbird Domestics

We’ve made some new friends recently! Mockingbird Domestics is a thoughtfully curated retail shop on South Lamar. Owners, Jeff and Laura Daly, are responsible for this beautiful shop that specializes in home furnishings. One of the many things that we love about this business is their plethora of handcrafted goods by Texas artisans.

Important Happenings This Week!

Here are the weekly alerts from the Spruce Calendar. TOMORROW, February 28: Ruby Collaborative Gathering 5-6:30, Icenhaur’s Private Room, 83 Rainey Street Get a frosty beverage and mingle with some smart Austin ladies (including me and Meredith!) and the Ruby Collaborative. FRIDAY, March 1: Altitude Summit NYC Registration Opens 11 AM Central Liked what you »

Nugget of the Week: Birthdays and Triathlons!

One of our Sprucettes had two big accomplishments this week! She turned a year older and completed one heck of a physical feat. This week was Katherine’s birthday, and the Sprucettes can’t resist a chance to celebrate! Katherine is definitely the master baker at the shop, so it’s fun when you get the opportunity to »

Nugget of the Week: Canadian Tuxedo

Have you ever heard of a Canadian tuxedo?…No?  Well neither had I until Meredith enlightened me.  For those of you who are uninformed, a Canadian tuxedo is when one wears denim on denim or a “denim sandwich”.  Typically these are known as a fashion faux paus but Clar has been known to rock this ensemble »

Look What I Found!

As my days of stripping (furniture) are coming to an end, I find myself reminiscing about all the oddities and treasures that I have come across in the past year.  Finding cool stuff was definitely my favorite part of stripping furniture.  Sure, most of the “stuff” I found in the nooks and crannies was junk »

Headboards and Benches…Oh My!

We have been busy busy busy at the shop cranking out client and retail pieces, so our classes have been a welcome interruption.  During the past few weeks we have hosted a bench class and more recently a headboard class.  These two classes are pretty cool because you literally show up with nothing and leave »

Christmas Affair!!!

Listen up folks…If you love Christmas as much as Amanda and I do then you need to get your booty to the Palmer Events Center.  Starting today through Sunday, Spruce will be among the 200 vendors at the 36th annual Christmas Affair.   We have been counting down the days to reveal some of our new »

Nugget of the Week: Spruce BBQ!

With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is usually pretty rare that we get to hang out with each other, but alas, we made it happen.  We had a Spruce BBQ, and what a lovely evening it was.  After calling it a day a teeny bit early, we very excitedly started pulling »

Nugget of the Week: New Sprucette Katherine!

The new additions at Spruce just keep comin’! We have added another new Sprucette to the ranks. Her name is Katherine Baronet, and she is our furniture stripper. Funny title, but oh so necessary for Spruce! She gets down and dirty with all the furniture we have to be worked on and makes sure every »

Upholstery Video Tip #1: Labeling Your Chairs

Get excited, because starting now Spruce is going to offer you the tricks of the trade! We will posting upholstery video tips from Spruce periodically, giving you the need-to-know info when it comes to redesigning your furniture. These tips will vary from furniture to fabric and tons more! With as many projects as we have »

Nugget of the Week: Fresh ‘For Sale’ at Spruce!

Longtime friend of Spruce, Jemima, has delivered some spectacular pieces to the shop. New items for sale include these scrumptious throws made from vintage saris. They have a great hand and appealing weight, and are truly beautiful! Jemima’s sister,  Charlotte Johnstone, is also a talented artist and has privileged us with some of her beautiful »

Nugget of the Week: Popping up in the Neighborhood

Not to brag or anything, but our shop has been called a “beacon of light” in the neighborhood.  Our little shop is nestled among lots of auto shops, a day labor center, a strip club, and a couple sketchy motels where they like to film horror flix.  Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our neighborhood.  »

Nugget of the Week: Johnny and Dolly!

Last week we alluded to a new project Amanda was working on during our rainy movie day. Now that the project is well underway, we can let you in on it! Ever since we started making the Willie Pillows, we have tossed around ideas for our future profile pillows. Willie is hard to beat, especially »

Nugget of the Week: Dublin Dr. Pepper and VW Bus Update!

The Sprucettes greatly enjoy their ice-cold beverages, especially during the hot summer months. While helping one of our customers, Meredith discovered that he is the owner of Dublin Dr. Pepper. Needless to say, after our enthusiastic spiel about our love of Dr. Pepper, he returned the following day with two cases for the Sprucettes. If »

Nugget of the Week: Happy Birthday Meredith!

Yesterday we celebrated Meredith’s birthday!  We had a yummy lunch from Threadgill’s followed by some super scrumptious cupcakes that Amanda made.  Here’s what our little birthday luncheon looked like: Another exciting nugget: this week we enjoyed talking to Justin Bieber on the phone! No, not really.  They were a series of prank calls, but we »