Inspiration of the Week: Lonny Magazine

This month's cover of Lonny Magazine

So, something that has inspired me for a few months is truly a God-send. Since the death of Domino (I know, depression), there has been a void that has yet to be filled. The voice and aesthetic that Domino had as a magazine was pretty genius. It really made design accessible and something you could achieve even if you weren’t a Vanderbilt.  However, all hope is not lost! As of  this past November, there has been a new jewel to admire. It is Lonny Magazine. It was conceptualized by former Domino editor  and owner of Rubie Green, Michelle Adams, and photographer Patrick Cline. Both felt that there was a voice in the marketplace missing and wanted to embrace the best way to communicate with readers, online! So Lonny Magazine was created as an online-only magazine. From the first issu, I was hooked. The fact that this magazine is online opens up a world of possibilities. With one click of a button, you can read about or purchase essentially any product you see throughout the entire magazine. Talk about convenient! The style and designers/businesses they feature truly inspire. Also, those they choose to have contribute to the issues have great insight and practical advice. Whether it’s how to update a bedroom, work within a budget, or encourage your own style, these pros have got the goods.

The front of the issue is filled with quick snapshots of products of a certain style (the West!), or a simple guide of, “If you have this sofa, then X, Y, and Z will look fabulous with it!” The middle features artists, designers, bloggers and the beautiful places they live or have designed. The last few pages are “Blogger Style,” where a blogger gets to write about the products he or she loves. It is also exciting to see that throughout the pages, Lonny chooses to intentionally promote and support eco-conscious efforts.

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  1. Michelle

    Wow- thank you so much Meredith! We are absolutely thrilled that you’re a fan of Lonny, and are incredibly flattered to read your post! (Thank you!) Like many of our readers, I’m genuinely obsessed with decorating (I live for it!!) so creating each issue of Lonny is exciting on both a personal and creative level, and it’s very rewarding to see that others are enjoying it as well. Thank you for your support!


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