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Fabric Trends For 2015

You know the saying: what goes around comes around.  In the interior design world, trends come and go, but every time the pendulum swings back, the look is a little different. When it comes to fabrics for interiors, a lot of designers base their choices on looks they see from the runway, so the trends »

Let’s Talk: Outdoor Fabrics!

As the days grow longer and the temperature climbs, we look to spend more hours in our out-of-doors living spaces, often feeling compelled to “Spruce” them up. In the last month we have had customers flocking to the shop with their exterior seating projects in preparation for the summer. Here is a short tour of »

Recent Before and Afters! (Go Big AND Go Home!)

Hey hey hey!  Loading your eyeballs now with some recent ‘before-and-afters’ of awesome proportions. We’re endlessly impressed and sometimes surprised, frankly, about some of our clients’ bold decisions and adventurous design attitudes. Take a look at some of these babies – get inspired! The client chose a lovely cut velvet on neutral woven ground, a very »

Inspiration of the Week: Spruce’s New Space and Break Room Ideas!

Our first musical number from the balcony in our…. NEW SPACE!! [pe2-gallery] [/pe2-gallery] Surprise! Spruce is moving, but don’t worry, we’re going right next door. A few months ago when Rick’s Auto Repair moved out, we were drooling over the possibilities of 6611. For a while, we’ve been feeling the growing pains at our current »

Fabric: All Things Aviary!

So I know that Lizzie has mentioned her love for animal themed fabric. However, as of late, my love for animal fabric, specifically birds, has crept in. I see a lot of clients come through that just LOVE any fabric that has birds featured. Some bird-themed fabrics from back in the day were pretty hideous, »

Before and Afters: Recent and from the Vault

Quite possibly, the most satisfying aspect of our job is the transformation we see happen to each different piece of furniture every week.  Sometimes we may lose sight of the scope of the transformation as we pass it through our assembly line.  First the piece is stripped down to the frame by one person, then »

Fabric: All Things Floral

I know that it has been mentioned before that I adore flowers. As often as I spend my free time devouring design inspiration, I am also trying to soak up all that I can about flowers. If I could have fresh flowers in my home every week, I would die happy. I love their fragrance, »

Spruce featured in Etsy Video

What seems like many moons ago (mainly because we’ve been eager to see the final outcome), we had a visit from a Brooklyn-based fellow from Etsy who came to film our process.  Eric visits with Etsians everywhere and tells their story through video on the Etsy blog, “The Storque.”  We had a great day talking »

Fabric: How to pick it and keep it looking great!

So, one of the most common questions I receive when talking with clients who come into Spruce is, “Now I have a blank (fill in with whatever human/animal you have that ruins your furniture), and how is this fabric gonna hold up to them?” Since this seems to be such a hot topic when investing »

Adorable Animals

So, you may have noticed that we’re a bunch of animal lovers here at Spruce!  Seriously, I have 3 dogs, most of the artwork in my house has animals in it, a knit giraffe welcomes me home every day, and I often go to bed watching Animal Planet.  Don’t believe me?  You may remember these »

Pimp My Apron

So one of the things that made me most excited about my new job at Spruce was that I got to wear an apron all day. As a long time collector of different aprons, this was a dream come true to sport one all day at work. On my first day, I was able to »