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Wallpaper is Always In Season at Spruce

Most people know Spruce carries a beautiful variety of fabric choices, but many don’t know we also sell wallpaper! Oftentimes, the perfect accompaniment to your furniture is a well-placed wallcovering. Let me highlight some popular selections Spruce carries. A common misconception about wallpaper is that it’s old fashioned, dated and difficult to maintain. But several »

Designer Spotlight: Lindsey Arthur of Play House

With all the furniture that comes through Spruce, we do get to work with some fantastic interior designers. Often, designers are willing to take risks and can leap from idea to execution in one bound. It makes for exciting projects and some of our favorite pieces to work on! To help inform you of the »

New Fabrics at Spruce!

I’m so glad the winter hours finally turned over. Again, I look forward to a fresh spring that boldly bursts my winter bubble. And good riddance! Let’s work on our gardens, overload on new music this week at SXSW (if you can hack it, hipsters!), and actively exfoliate our dry and dirty winter skins! Speaking »

Inspiration of the Week: Horses!

(Little Miss Sassy, a new member of the family) This weekend I spent some time with my dad out at a ranch that keeps and cares for cutting horses. If you aren’t familiar with a cutting horse, these are the kind that “cut” cattle away from the herd for various reasons like branding or giving shots. Cows like »

Fabric Finds: JF Fabrics!

The title of this post is slightly misleading, since I am actually going to enlighten you on a new brand to us and their fantastic wallpapers! Don’t worry JF Fabric does amazing fabric as well, but you can only show so much before going into a beauty coma. This brand   is a family-owned business »

Fabric: Get a Silhouette!

Something that I have loved to see have a resurgence in popular design is the use of a silhouette. I remember going to Disney World as a girl and getting a custom silhouette made and framed. My sister and I thought they were the neatest thing, and loved that even our eyelashes were cut out! »

Adorable Animals

So, you may have noticed that we’re a bunch of animal lovers here at Spruce!  Seriously, I have 3 dogs, most of the artwork in my house has animals in it, a knit giraffe welcomes me home every day, and I often go to bed watching Animal Planet.  Don’t believe me?  You may remember these »