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In the work we do at Spruce, we aim to show that upholstery doesn’t just have to be putting new fabric on an old chair. The process of reupholstering a piece of furniture can be a creative outlet and offer the client a breath of fresh air in their home. The Spruce shop is nestled in a great neighborhood in Austin that has a lot of first time home owners that are close to our age and we love having the opportunity to help them out!

Spruce is super excited to announce that we will be writing an on-going column for the Upholstery Journal, a trade journal for upholsterers that features advice, resources, and trends in the industry. Our column will highlight ways to work with younger generations (X & Y) who are newly interested in having their furniture reupholstered. Our main topics will be: defining this group of clients, how to provide them with the information they need, marketing and advertising, trends in decorating that appeal to them, and their perceptions of the industry.




We, of course, love all of our clients! We are lucky to have a niche style that gives us a unique perspective in the upholstery industry for younger generations and are eager to learn more and share our findings.

If you feel have some insight that may help us out, please leave us a comment! We also have a survey–send us your email address if you’d like to fill one out!

One Response to “Upholstery Journal”

  1. Audrey Gorr

    Hi All: I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the work you did on my
    setee and chair in early Oct. I had an AT&T Service Technician in for a phone
    problem and he was really impressed with the work you did and took your
    name and phone#. I hope he contacts you.
    Merry Christmas
    Audrey Gorr


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