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upholstery tool kit

Where would we be without our tools?  Just as a doctor has his instruments, so too do we here at Spruce.  All of the Sprucettes/Sprucer are very talented individuals but, alas, we are not superheroes, therefore, we must seek a little help from our tool friends.  Recently, we played a little game called “what’s your favorite tool?”.  Okay, so maybe it was less of a “game” and more of a conversation.  Have a looksie.


Frank went with the good ole classic tack remover and staple remover.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many staples we have to remove while stripping furniture AND while upholstering.  Just ask anyone who has ever taken our chair class.  It is quite a lot.

upholstery tools

Snip! Snip!  That is the noise Clar makes when using these snippers.  Clar does the majority of the sewing at Spruce and these snippers are very handy for opening seams and snipping loose threads.  They are small, lightweight and just dang convenient to having lying around the sewing machine.  Ten bucks at Hobby Lobby…worth it!

upholstery tools

Hey!…Is that Wonder Woman!?  No, It’s Meredith, but when she has her handy dandy tape measure by her side I bet she sure feels like wonder woman.  If you have ever been in the shop you know that Meredith is a very busy lady.  She wears many hats (figuratively).  One of those hats is doing yardage estimates for furniture.  This is where the tape measure comes into play.  Meredith likes tape measures so much that it is quite common for her to come in the workshop to “borrow” one and then hide it up front. Just joking Mere!…kind of.

upholstery tools

My favorite helper is the webbing stretcher.  Most pieces of furniture that pass through the shop have webbing.  It is one of the first things that we replace when we reupholster a piece.  It provides all of the support, therefore, it is essential that the webbing is stretched nice and tight…hence the webbing stretcher!  Plus, it looks cool.

This is just scratching the surface when it comes to upholstery tools.  Take a look at a few more of the commonly used tools in our workshop.

[pe2-gallery] IMG_2987.JPGIMG_2994.JPGIMG_2999.JPGtack removertack hammerupholstery tools[/pe2-gallery]

Possibly one of my favorite things about tools is discovering unintended uses for them.  Frank in particular is awesome at this.   If you are a tool junkie, as I obviously am, click here to see some of our tool kits that we conveniently put together to get you started with your upholstery projects.

2 Responses to “Tools of the Trade!”

  1. Frank Barnhouse

    Clair is a wiz with the sewing machine and I call on her when I
    need some precision sewing done she also has lots of knowledge when it comes to slipcovers so again you will hear me call Clair when I need some help with slipcovers
    but Clair also upholsters and teaches some upholstery classes she is really great and very patient as a teacher I have worked with Clair the longest and I look at her as a good buddy of mine
    Meredith definitely wears a lot of different hats she runs the front shop in all areas talking and helping our clients ordering fabrics
    scheduling work advising going out on jobs etc. etc. etc.
    and on top of all of that she has to deal with us in the work shop
    and keep things moving I definitely give Meredith an A+ for what
    she does because I know her job is tough I’m impressed
    Katherine is in the midst of becoming an upholsterer and I can tell you from my own experience she will become one of the better upholsterers I have worked with in my 40 years in the trade
    she does not back away from a challenge and she soaks up all the information about upholstery I can give her in a way she sort of reminds me of me when I was learning and she hates to make mistakes but she does not mind putting in the time and overtime to get her jobs done I am glad and happy to have her as my co worker
    and buddy in the shop and no one can bake like her
    Amanda is the glue that holds us all together she’s the boss and she does an incredible job keeping us going and it feels more like working with her instead of working for her
    she impresses me for what she has done with her business in five years and I can only she her doing better as time goes on
    Amanda is tops in my book
    I love working with all of you even when we have disagreements every once in a while
    cool tool choices

  2. Katherine

    Oh Frank…you are too sweet. The feelings are mutual. Bring your appetite tomorrow because I have a 4 layer chocolate cake with your name on it.


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